Maurice Watts Furniture Maker

Manufacturer of sliding wardrobe doors and room dividers

My working life


When I was 36 I studied for a Diploma in Building Construction for 4 years specialising in carpentry and joinery to advance craft level 4 in both. After I had completed my diploma I worked as a site agent on larger projects, the largest project I was in charge of was 3.6 million two 6 story blocks of flats in Bournemouth.


In 1998 I worked as a temporary maintenance surveyor for 2 councils in Dorchester I was working 28 schools in east Dorset and in Bournemouth council I looked after 1700 houses of their 4000 housing stock. In 2003 I started my own business manufacturing kitchens & bedrooms.  

When I started self-employment I had my first unit at Bailie Gate Industrial Estate, then just two years after I decided to open a computerized factory spending around £100,000 on machinery (see Right). I move to a bigger Unit on Bailie Gate and it went very well making about 5 kitchens and bedrooms a week, it went so well that it started to run my life demanding lots of hours, so after just 2 ½ years I sold it and moved to a small unit near Wimborne. I have been there ever since, reducing my overheads and allowing me to reduce prices to my customers, but most of all I have a life again and I can spend more time on each individual projects.      


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I started my working life as a carpenter and attended Weymouth College in 1977 for 3 years. I worked as a carpenter for 20 years on building sites doing 1st and 2nd fix (building houses) also some commercial building refurbishments.

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