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Manufacturer of sliding wardrobe doors and room dividers


Trade Kitchens


Don't be fooled by the title "Trade Kitchens" all my kitchens are hand-made with care and detail. The only difference with my trade kitchens is the cabinets come only in white, see specifications below. These kitchens can also be made with a different front edging to match the door colour. i.e if you have an Oak door then the front edging can also be Oak, then you don't get the white showing between the doors as you do with other cheaper kitchens from DIY stores. White box drawers with 8mm base and snap-on hinges. Soft-close is an optional extra on hinges and draw boxes. Cabinets start from as little as £48 supply only (price right at January 2017)  

Snap on Hinges and Grey drawers - Cheaper than DIY stores when fitted.



Studio Kitchens


Studio or high street kitchens normally start around 10 - £15,000 and are no different from the specification below. My studio kitchens are the same quality as high street kitchens using Egger colour matched boards to the doors you will have a very high quality fully colour co-ordinated kitchen at a much cheaper in price.  

Snap on Soft Close hinges & Oak drawers are standard.





Hardwood Kitchens


These kitchens are manufacture from SOLID hardwood or softwood even the cabinet will be solid wood either stained, lacquered or painted or a combination of hardwood and faced board materials if you are on a budget.

I have different wood types for your new kitchen so it will look stunning.whatever your choice.

All woods are from sustainable stocks. Snap on Soft Close Hinges &

Dovetailed Solid Oak Draw Boxes are Standard.





I supply 40mm Axiom laminate worktops - Others available                                                    

Omega - Durapal & Prima or Granite from a local manufacture in Dorset.


Kitchen Specification

Ridge gluded construction  (NOT CAM & DOWEL FLAT PACK)


* 18mm Fully colour co-ordinated cabinet construction using Egger top quality boards. (or solid pine / hardwood)

* 8mm colour matched back (Whiteboard on Economy Kitchens)

* 50mm service void at the rear of all base cabinets and 20mm on all wall cabinets.

* 150mm adjustable legs.

* 120Kg hanging fittings on all wall units.

* Snap-on soft-close door hinges & Soft closed drawer runners with Oak draw boxes on Studio kitchens and

 In-farme doors and Dovetailed Oak draw boxes on Hardwood Kitchens.


All Optional extra on Economy Kitchens -

Economy Kitchens have White units with Snap-on door hinges & concealed drawer runners.





Kitchen Information

Trade Kitchens

Studio Kitchens

Hardwood Kitchens.

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